4 Rivers Smokehouse

11764 University Blvd Orlando , East Orlando, FL 32817

(844) 474-8377

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ABOUT 4 Rivers Smokehouse

Great barbecue place for sandwich and smoked food lovers. It’s open in a number of locations in Florida, and has a bit of a cult following for a reason. It’s perfect for your kids because there’s a good kids menu that includes what you eat but in smaller portions just for their appetites. From pulled pork, ribs, smoked chicken, you have a great array of bbq meat available with good sides like cornbread salad, chopped romaine, baked beans, and more. Think of your summer cookouts but in a restaurant type of setting. Also, the catering is well done for any event you need such as a wedding, party, or luncheon. Get your barbecue fix at 4 Rivers!

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