Cup O Pottery

1977 Alafaya Trail, Suite #1091, Oviedo, FL32765, 4074215460, Oviedo, FL 32765

(407) 421-5460

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ABOUT Cup O Pottery

Want to get on a bit of a different vibe? Have you ever made your own cup or mug? Cup O’ Pottery offers some great classes on developing your creative juices to form your own artwork. You can have set your own party with food here using your own handmade utensils. The pottery pieces are food and microwave safe. Take a look at the price setting for different classes. You can even go to a camp with your kid starting at the age of 6. The cost per person is $125. You can creative with your naked pottery (a blank piece of pottery) and create your own mug, cup, or bowl to how you want it.

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